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social media trinity pic.pngJaimie Engle is an award-winning author and writing coach. She teaches writers to become award-winning authors. Her vast experience in the publishing industry makes her an expert in all areas of writing, publishing, and marketing your book. She loves sharing her knowledge with writers and is a proponent for educating authors so they don’t fall prey to predatorial publishing houses and other author service providers.

Jaimie regularly teaches through elementary school programs, state colleges, national conferences, and community outreach programs. Her full-service company, A Writer For Life, helps authors to expand visibility in the marketplace and navigate through the business of writing and publishing a book.

“Thank you very much for the writing workshops in the Melbourne Writing Center of Eastern Florida State College. I have heard nothing but positive comments about your writing seminars. Your positive demeanor and conversational presentation style allow the audience to be set at ease, which further allows participants to absorb your wealth of knowledge shared during these sessions. People I talked to felt a connection to you, which prompted their willingness to share their own ideas and ask a range of questions.”

–Sharon Cronk-Raby, Melbourne Writing Center Coordinator, EFSC

Jaimie Engle is available for hourly coaching through the writing, publishing, and marketing process. Her affiliations with editors, artists, graphic designers, formatters, and publicists enable her to supply you with a one-stop-shop to meet your self-publishing needs. Her relationship with publishers and agents, bring you the added benefits of knowledgeable coaching advice for querying, submitting, and contract negotiating when traditionally publishing.

“I attended a two-part seminar at the Orange County Central Library entitled Revise & Submit. We went over the infamous Query Letter and the endless writer’s pursuit for an agent. Both topics were more than intimidating but I have to say that the presenters made the topic not only enjoyable, but also easily understandable. Jaimie Engle was able to answer questions and provide anecdotal information regarding the query process. I would definitely attend another seminar presented by her and welcome the opportunity to do so. My suggestion? You all should do the same.”

–L.E. Perez, author “Beauty of Fear”

Jaimie understand the importance of marketing, social media, branding, and building your platform. She can coach you through best practices, teach execution, and provide tailored marketing strategies to meet your goals as an author and/or speaker. As a professional writer with more than fifteen years in the industry, Jaimie is equipped to take your passion for your story to the next level with a touch of heart.

“In my consulting business, professional marketing support is paramount. Jaimie Engle really nailed my needs in Online Social Media Marketing. In making, editing, and monitoring my Blog and other social media platforms, she has captured my voice and mission and recreates it so that others may have access to it and benefit from it. She is an exciting and insightful partner, a “Go-Getter,” bringing so much to the table. I really enjoy working with her. I can depend on her implicitly to deliver on time all of my social media presence. Thank You, Jaimie!”

–Gayle D’Haeseleer, owner The Wisdom Society

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Meet Your Coach:

Author Pic 6.jpgJaimie M. Engle is an award-winning author and President of A Writer For Life in Melbourne, Florida. Her work has appeared in Writer’s Journal Magazine, on the Dr. Laura program’s website, and Writer’s Digest, plus dozens of other journals, magazines, and newspapers. She has assisted many authors to publish and promote their work. She self-published her award-winning children’s novel in 2013, Clifton Chase and the Arrow of Light, and a Writer’s of the Future award-winning novella, The Dredge. You can see her work at

I start with a FREE consultation to understand your expectations before tailoring the perfect plan that meets your needs. I’m excited to learn more about your project and promise to handle your manuscript with care.

Contact A Writer For Life today for availability & to set up your initial consultation at You have a story to tell. Let me help you share your best book with the world.


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